Monday, June 25, 2012

Monster Party!

This year we went overboard for our H-monster's 2nd birthday.
   Part of it was guilt for not having a big first birthday, at the time we said that his party was Mommy and Daddy getting married for him.

So this year I was determined to make it up to him and had a big MONSTER bash.

My art teacher skills really paid off in bringing the entire party together.

My second try at cake pops, after a terrible attempt with brownie pops that I subjected my best friend to test out.  If you follow me on Instagram (aafournier85) you could see my trials and tribulations with that.  

Our table set up with my second round of monster pops, crepe paper flowers, and my two versions of monster cakes.  I did origami monsters on every table as centerpieces and google eyes on every cup.

Rejoice they came out delish!

The infamous Pinterest monster cake that I tried to replicate.  Half fail, half successful.

Bought a back up cake in case.

My little monster enjoying his smash cake.

Sweet boy needed an outfit change after the frosting explosion.

It was a breezy beautiful day but I cut out the letters and hot glued them on the banners to read
Happy Birthday Harrison

I filled and froze water balloons to use as ice in the drink buckets.

Close up of an in progress  monster cake, was the morning of the party and was running low on craftsmanship and quite honestly time.

Probably my favorite monster themed item from the party, my monster fruit salad!  I loved this little guy and he was incredibly easy to create.

I LOVE Harrison's new set, maybe more than him.  Occupied him for 20 minutes at a time, glorious.  

Happy One Year Anniversary to us the very next day!

Better view of my origami Monsters.
Harrison loved playing with these before the party.

This was a lesson I did with my fifth graders as well, except I called them Venus Fly Traps.

My Mini-Monster and I relaxing now that his Monster Bash is over.

All in all, Harrison did amazing considering he didn't nap all day.  Mommy and Daddy keep hearing rave reviews, and now that big birthday is over only small family gatherings from now on.


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

That time of year.

It seems to be that time again, where we pack up boxes upon boxes of egg cartons, baby food jars, and toilet paper tubes.   (Another sign you know you're an art teacher is when all you're packing up is recyclables)

This year is a little different for me as I do not know if I'm returning to my school again next year.  The budget in my city have left 8 art teachers RIF'D among 150 other teachers.  

So I pack up my room in hopes that I won't have to pack my garage full of school junk.

I gave myself a week to mourn the Pink Slip, and now I feel very somber and am clinging to the fact that I may get my job back.  The last couple of weeks have been very trying as I know I may not be returning, the children have no idea, and I'm still expected to plan and implement creative lessons.

I'm a professional, I'll do what I have to do, but I admit the IPads have been used quite often these past couple of days.