Wednesday, June 15, 2011

End of year wrap up

Another school year end, another group of rowdy fifth graders prepare to leave us.  I never thought I'd be the type of teacher to gladly smile and shoo off a grade to middle school but boy this year has been rough. 

I dealt with behaviors I've never seen before, had my first fight in my classroom, and had students swear at me.   I'm not a fresh off the bus teacher, I'm completing my fourth year of being in my art room, and have has worse behaviors in my first year teaching than now.   I guess it just still surprises me how students, now that I've known for a couple of years, just start developing into a someone I didn't think they were.   Sigh.   

Anyways, the classroom always starts it metamorphosis, the walls become more bare, materials get packed away, we're doing simple lesson after lesson in my half run out markers, and stubs of crayons.   All because I'm too cheap and too much of a packrat to break out a fresh box of crayons at the end of the year, and because there is not a fresh crayola marker to be found in my artroom.  

Then things start appearing,...

Just yesterday a garbage bag full of altoid cans show up on my table.

Boxes full of baby food jars start finding their way on my shelves.

Random rolls of paper find new homes in my cabinets.

Ahhhhh....I purge all year long just to make room for my end of year discoveries, and I admit it I say they appear but I really have become a classroom garbage dumpster diver.   

As I typed this post I was asked if I wanted a box of colored straws,  Of course!!   There's always space in my room.

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