Thursday, June 16, 2011

Art Curriculum

At the end of each year there comes a time where we have to start putting in day after day of PD.  (Professional Development).  Now for us art teachers in my district the past few years this has meant day after day of listening to words and practices that don't apply to us.  E.V.E.R.  

Now, I know some of this does benefit us, learning some of the standards, G.L.E's, exemplars, rituals, routines, blah blah and blah (see how closely I listen) and what not but I'm sorry it just does not apply to the art room.

So, I took the step to do something proactive for my fellow art educators and I wrote up a plan for our next P.D day and looked at an art curriculum book to get ideas so that all the art teachers in the area could be on the same page, for at least the Big ideas.  We have such a transient population that the kids end up all over the place, it would be nice for them to have some consistency in  their art education.

Now the problem lies, how on earth to I get 12 woman set in their own ways to come together with a positive mentality to create a curriculum.

I wish I could bring wine, I'm sure that would help.

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  1. Good luck!! I've found that while the art department is the most fun department to work in, when decision-making or planning has to happen, it's most definitely the most difficult!! All those creative minds have a hard time get aligned!