Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh these kids!

I love my job... I'll be the first one to say it. I truly enjoy spending and planning for my art lessons. But,.... these kids are exhausting! My first grade class today totally wiped me out! They had a VERY hard time listening and in turn I've decided to 'punish' them by using only crayons next lesson.

This is very hard for me to do, I don' t like to 'punish' my students but they are not respecting the rules of art. We did painting with liquid tempera, which I don't usually like to use. Tempera cakes are my trusty fall back, but I found the liquid tempera is 10 thousand times messier and more chaotic. Sighhh....

Well I decided that fifth grade is going to be doing their first painting project of the year. We're working out of the dynamic art lesson book and we're going to be doing the tropical birds. I think this will be a strong lesson with a very positive experience.

This is the started example, I think the fifth graders are really going to enjoy it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Recycled Art...

Back in college I took this amazing multi plate printing class. In layman's terms it was a class about printing from foam meat trays. It changed my 'art' life and I continue to have great success using this method with water based inks. We got an old linoleum sample and printed on the backside of it...

I painted the background all black and drew on it with rubber cement. I then covered the whole thing with green acrylic paint. I used my small foam plate to print the skulls on the background while masking out the other shapes and faces using tracing paper. I then peeled off the rubber cement and voila....

One of my favorite pieces I've ever done.

This was a quick one done on an old vinyl curtain that I took down in my house. I figured it was a perfect canvas to create on instead of throwing it out. I used oil pastels on it and approached it with a fun loving, wise guy attitude.

My only problem is now is that it is going to always remain tacked into my wall, I have no idea how I would frame or formalize it.

I'm off to enjoy a rainy Saturday, besides the sleepy cat residing on my arms while I type is making this very difficult... This is a much more conscious version of him.